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Connection Between Human and Animals Essay

The soul is the a same(p)(p) in all(prenominal) living creatures, although the body of each is different. This was quoted by Hippocrates, a Greek philosopher. The numerous animal imageries in Timothy Findleys word of honor The Wars argon used to show the similarities and differences of the way how military man treat animals and their heartspan. The characters lord welt, Rodwell and Robert Ross reveal their own connections to the animals respectively, and the connections fully prove the good side and the self-aggrandizing side of human nature. chief Leather is a commanding officer, he is one and single(a) of the negative characters and he treats animals without humanity in the novel. When the barn tempo is on fire, Roberts first thought is the animals, and he wants to set the horses and mules free. However, Captain Leather tries to pr so fart Robert from freeing them, a hundred horses and thirty-five mules, and he does non even cargon about those real lives. He screams a t Delvin, Shut those God damn gates Shut them Shut them You squealer (183). He is a selfish officer, and he is in truth cruel and unpitying to animals.A life means nothing to Captain Leather, and he has no feeling towards the terminal of the spends. When Robert tells Captain Leather that perhaps there are a lot of spends died in the trench, Captain Leather does not even worry about it, he seems to think that those men were born for struggle and sacrificing for the wars Leather even said Just so when Robert explained that he hadnt been able to locate his men and that he feared they had all been killed (116). Captain Leather orders Robert and his men to go to the forward position to set up the wedges, and Robert knows that they allow foring be dead for certain because the position is very closed to the German lines. Captain Leather does not understand how dangerous the war is, and he except gives orders Laid down the purpose of the new guns. Gun beds would ca-ca to be rig in here and here and there and there. hither and there was all castigatebut there and there was a cobblers last trap (116).Captain Leather never cares about the soldiers lives, and fighting a war is just like playing a game for him. He totally loses his humanity in the unappeasable war. In the novel, Rodwell always shows compassion and mercy to injure animals and wants to protect them. He is an optimistic person, and he knows how to enjoy his life during the war. Toad is one of the animals that Robert has salvage. all the same though nobody likes toad because of their ugly appearance, Rodwell still wants to cure the injured toad, he cherishes every creatures life. The toad also has rugged vitality, just like every soldier that wants to survive during the war Rodwell had saved the toad by putting it into the drinking water pail and placing sheets of Devlins glass on top (133). Rodwell saved a das during the war. The run is a symbol of innocent and purity, just like Rowena an d himself, and the rabbit reminds Robert of Rowena.The rabbit has survived when they got attacked The rabbit turned with its eyes shut tight and huddled in the corner of its cage facing Robert (110). Rodwell tries to defend the animals with his life, although he knows that he fuck possibly lose his life. He respects animals and he tries to prevent the German from killing a cat, but he fails. He sees the cats life as his own life and he dopenot accept the smear of cats, so that finally he chooses to commit suicide They would not be stopped-and, seeing that he took an inte relaxation method, theyd forced him to watch the killing of a cat. Half an hour later, Rodwell wandered into No Mans Land and put a bullet through his ears (135). Rodwell is like the animals, having purity and virtuous, he is not like the soldiers, violent, and killing, he appreciates and respects every living creature in his life. Although the war is cruel, it does not destroy Rodwells conscience. He is still ve ry kind to his friends and family.When Bonnycastle, Devlin and Levitt introduce Rodwell to Robert, they give their high assessment of Rodwell, Bonnycastle says, He thinks Robert will like Rodwell The animals have all been injured. Thats Rodwells sort of hospital (85). Rodwell predicts that he will die in the war, so he writes a letter to his daughter. The letter indicates Rodwells conviction and the value of life. In the letter, Rodwell writes, I am existent in everything I touch. Touch these pages and you have me in your fingertips. We survive in one another. Everything lives forever. Be cunningve it. Nothing dies (135). Rodwell only draws animals in his sketchbook just like communicating with animals, but Robert is the only human being in the book. Rodwell draws Robert because he sees Robert as one of the animals which are pure and innocent unfortunately, Robert is trap by the war, In all of themon every page, the drawings were of animals.Of maybe a hundred sketches, Roberts was the only human form. Modified and mutatedhe was one with the others (138). Rodwell sacrifices his life for the wars, but his soul will be alive forever. His faith and mercy will stay in their memories as long as their live. The protagonist Robert Ross has connection with the animals portraits in the story reflects his personalities and the mint that he encounters. Once Robert ran with a brush wolf, he wondered why the coyote did not even kill any animals as a food source. Although the coyote is a predator, it only kills the ones who threaten its life And when it came to the place where the gophers had been sitting, neither did it dangling to scuffle the burrows or even to sniff at them. It just went right on trotting-forward towards its goal (25).The friendship between Robert and coyote is also peaceful, the coyote notices that Robert is behind and it allows Robert to follow. The coyote trusts Robert, it knows that Robert will not hurt it and it tries to communicate with Robert. This can be shown in the novel the valley was vacant safeand that Robert could conk out to the waters edge to drink. It barked three timesa exact announcement it was leaving (27). This strongly proves that human and animals can be friends, and the coyote is one of his friends in his life. In the novel, the rat symbolizes the hope and life. Robert saw a rat was trapped in the waterlogged trenches he sets that rat free, because that was the only alive animal that is in the trenches. Later, Robert wondered if setting the rat free had been a favorbut in the moment that he did it he was opinion here is someone still alive (114). The rats life is just like humans life, both of them are precious. passim the self-colored novel, every time when the snort appears, it symbolizes freedom, life and warning. When Robert is in trouble, the chick will appear and give him a signal. Robert hears the fowl is singing when he rolls over and sees the German, and then he realizes the operose of bird means that the German relents and shows mercy. He just let Robert and his men go A bird sang, something like a white-throated sparrow one long note move three that wavered. This was the bird that had sung before (127). After the German specifys killed, the bird sings again, this time, the sound of bird is sorrowful. The bird is sad for the death of the German, also the bird is like the soldiers, it does not like the war, and it aspires for peace The bird sangThe sound of it would haunt him to the day he died (131). Robert Ross sees his shadow from these animals, they have same peculiar(prenominal) and they are all very kind.As a soldier, Robert knows that the value of human life is treasurable so that he does not want to kill the innocents. The death of Rowena has a big impact on Roberts life, and this incident changes his whole life. Even though Robert does not kill Rowena, he thinks that Rowenas death is related to him. Robert feels guilty about Rowenas death, so that he wants to essence the war and escape from pain, All he knew was that his hands felt empty. In this mind, they kept reaching out for the back of Rowenas chair (19). When Robert and his soldiers get gas attacked, Robert acts calm, and he reacts very fast. Robert is the only one who has the gas mask, and the rest of the soldiers do not have masks.Robert gives his mask to a wounded soldier, he does not even consider himself, and he just wants to save all the lives. He orders the rest of soldiers to urinate on their shirts and put it over their faces. They lie down for a moment, lastly, they get saved but unluckily, the injured soldier died, Robert threw the gas mask at Bates. Put that over the injured soldiers face. And remember this gun is pointed right at your back (124). When Robert and his soldiers try to mount out from the trenches, he sees a German soldier and he is diffuse so that he decides to ignore the German soldier He didnt want to point it at him yet. He waited to see wha t reaction the gun itself would get (129).As a soldier, Robert is not cruel, he appreciates every life, and he tries his best to protect his friends and family. By comparison, Captain Leather, Rodwell and Robert Ross, they treat animals and humans differently, Rodwell and Robert Ross are kind, but Captain Leather is cruel. Findley uses the relationships between humans and animals to reveal that in most cases, the nature of human is pure and innocent but sometimes merciless. Throughout the whole novel, human who respect animals life also show the most respect for life in general. As a reader, I realize that all the living creatures in the dry land are the same, they should respect each other.Works CitedHippocrates. Notable Quotes about Animals & group A Humanity.Findley, Timothy. The Wars. Canada Penguin Group, 2005.

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“A Good Man Is Hard to Find” – Selfish Grandmother

Grandparents are the parents of ones own parent. Grandparents spoil and financial aid for you whenever your parents are non. In some situations, nannas are more involved with the grandchildren than each family member. In A Good macrocosm is Hard to Find, the principal(prenominal) characters is the Grand let and her son, Bailey. The sons family goes on a family va swanion to Florida. The grand draw tags a foresightful after she insisted not to ride along. She didnt want to be left alone at home and wanted to keep the kids society on the ride to Florida.Through step up the whole floor, the family experienced certain events that the granny is to whack for the familys mess and tragic result. She told stories to the children about the old days and compared it to act day in the story. Also she insisted to make a couple shekels and gestures that could have been avoided if she did not deal on the trip. A Good Man is Hard to Find is an ironic title for this short story by Flann ery OConner. The southern Gothic writer wrote about the things she observed in Georgia. Her stories were far from the normal because her ending fates of the characters were dramatic tout ensembley disastrous.Clearly stated, the naan is to blame for the familys fate because of the un evaluate grounds to stop at the plantation hold, the cat a board the railway auto ride, and recognizing the Misfit and his fellows. Bailey and his family resided in Georgia. The roadwayway trip was expected to be a success, further make a tragic caper at the end. They left Atlanta with the grandma, Bailey, his two children, June Star and fanny Wesley, and the m early(a) of the children with the youngest child in her arms. The granny sat in the middle of the backrest base with John Wesley and June Star on either side of her.Bailey and the childrens mother and the baby sat in front. Their planned vacation to Florida had an additional unwilled member in the car. Pitty Sing, grandmas cat, was t he uninvited member, who sat on the nannas lap in the back seat. The grandchildren listened to the grandmothers childhood stories of Tennessee as they focus on their comic books. Halfway to Florida they made their first stop at The Tower and decided to eat dinner. afterward dinner, Bailey and his family continued their journey to Florida. As they drove off, the grandmother continued sexual intercourse her stories.She started one childhood story about a plantation that she spent most time at a young age. The kids got interested in her story because she spoke about the residence having a secret jury where silver was hidden. The kids were excited and wanted to spang more. The grandmother discover a plantation with very similar features bid the one she visited a lot. Her contract of recognition made the kids beg. The baby began to scream and John Wesley kicked the back of the seat so hard that his father could feel the blows in his kidney (OConner, 1080).As stated above, the s creams of fanaticism and curiosity of the children and the convincing grandmother persuaded Bailey to turn around and go vanquish the dirt road where the entrance of the house with the secret ornament stood. The grandmother terminally convinced her son to go up the dirt road because she kept describing the rush of joy to see the house with the secret panel was nearby. The grandmothers insistence to stop at the plantation house by operate down a road off the course is one supporting fact proving that slowly all the events caused by the grandmother will be the reason for the familys fate.On the quiet road, everyone kept to themselves all the excited as they watched the trees pass by. Bailey asked, how further more, and the grandmother replied, not much further. The grandmother thought to herself as she remembered that this plantation house they were driving to be actually in Tennessee and not in Georgia. Instantly, the thought was so embarrassing that she turned red in the face and her eyes dilated and her feet jumped up upsetting the valise in the corner. The instant valise moved the basket under it rosiness up Pitty Sing, the cat, sprang onto Baileys shoulder (OConner, 1081).After she corroborated this drive down the road was unnecessary and held it in because she knew Bailey and the children would be upset. Driving over a long hill, she rendered to what would actually be on the other side of the hill. Since the plantation house didnt exist. When Pitty Sing jumped onto Bailey, he was so surprised and lost guard of the car. The car with the whole family flipped twice then landed in the cat off to the side of the road after the big hill. Again the grandmother is responsible for another event the family has experienced.The cat jumped on Bailey causing the car to crash. This could have been prevented if she would have left Pitty Sing at home like Bailey requested because he did not want the cat with them on the family vacation or if she could have staye d home since she did not want to go to Florida, but Tennessee instead. But then again, the grandmother seemed it was alright and nothing would be incorrectly with bringing the cat. Moments after the chaos of the accident had settled Bailey spotted a car coming from the end of the road. The car approached the family and parked near the car and the family.Three individuals came out the car and looked into the ditch onto the family. The whole family was in pain and injure from the car flipping. They screamed for help as the three walked down to them. The grandmother noticed that one of the individuals was someone she knows or saw before. She realized and spoke out loud that all three men were convicts that have escaped from prison and were driving down to Florida to hide out. The leader of the trio was the Misfit. He told the grandmother that the best thing she could have done was stay quiet.The two accomplices of the Misfit took Bailey and his son, John Wesley, into the woods. Soon after the mother, the baby, and June Star were walked into the woods. Gun snap beans went off in the woods. The Misfits statements and actions take to a much more blatant extreme that which is hinted at by the grandmothers deportment (Owens). Leaving the grandmother alone and last to kill by Misfit since the other two men were in the forest. She kept reminding him how good of a macrocosm he was to stop and help them. She exclaimed to Misfit, Youve got good bloodI know you wouldnt shoot a lady I know you come from nice people Pray Jesus ought not to shoot a lady. Ill give you all the money Ive got (OConner, 1086). Misfit had enough of her yapping and shot her dead with three gunshots to the chest as she lay in the ditch. In her final moment, the Grandmother reaches out and touches the Misfit, whispering Youre one of my own children . The Misfits final commentary on the grandmother is that she would of been a good woman . . . if it had been soulfulness there to shoot her every mi nute of her life (Overview Wilson).The familys fate ended with them being murdered by the Misfit and his companions. The grandmother could be absolutely blamed for this whole event because if she would have stayed home, left the cat behind, and not recognize the Misfit. The tragic and sad finale was the final situation that the grandmother will ever put the family into ever again. The good man the grandmother claimed the Misfit was and his two friends are murderers. Throughout the story the ironic title is affiliated to all three situations the grandmother placed the family in causing their ending fate of death. She is selfish and pushy in fact, her desire to see a house from her childhood results in the familys death at the end of the story (Overview Wilson). Clearly stated, the grandmother is to blame for the familys fate because of the unexpected effort to stop at the plantation house, the cat aboard the car ride, and recognizing the Misfit and his fellows. popular opinion was a key part that played by the grandmother throughout the short story of OConner. The moral of the story helps the reader realize that it is hard to find a good man. ? Works CitedOConner, Flannery. A Good Man Is Hard To Find. Literature and Ourselves. 6th ed. New York Pearson, 2009. 1075-087. Print. Overview A Good Man Is Hard to Find. scant(p) Stories for Students. Ed. Kathleen Wilson. Vol. 2. Detroit Gale, 1997. Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 24 Sep. 2012. Owens, Mitchell. The procedure of Signature in A Good Is Hard to Find. . Studies in Short Fiction 33. 1 (Winter 1996) 101-106. Rpt. in Short Story Criticism. Ed. Janet Witalec. Vol. 61. Detroit Gale, 2003. Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 24 Sep. 2012.

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Meaning of Life and Fast Lane Essay

penny-pinching coop, dingy coop pip. leave well abundant alone allow well enough alone Meaning If you leave well enough alone, or permit well enough alone, you dont shew to improfessional personve or change some quashg thats already just enough. For simulation The kids gibem happy enough now so lets just leave well enough alone and forget virtually finding a new school for them.? skate on thin ice- Meaning If youre skating on thin ice, youre doing some function risky, or youre in a situation that could quickly become dangerous. bang for position- Meaning If you jockey for position, you try to get yourself in a good position in relation to others whore competing for the alike(p) opportunity or the same goal. let the cat proscribed of the suitcase Meaning If you let the cat out of the bag, you let person tell apart a secret. You could deport knocked me everyplace with a feather. Meaning You can say you could have knocked me all oer with a feather to show how surpr ised you were when something happened, or when you heard rough something. add fuel to the fire If you add fuel to the fire, you do something to select a bad situation even worse. ahead of the highYou argon ahead of the game if you have an advantage over your competitors in each activity in which you try to do better than others, much(prenominal) as in business, academia, sports, etc. all the rage Informal If something is all the rage, its very popular or its in fashion at the moment. asking for trouble If someone is asking for trouble, theyre doing something risky that could spark advance to a problem. itchy feet Informal If you have itchy feet, you note the collect to go somewhere different or do something different. in the commodious run If you talk about something in the long run, you entertain over a long period of time.At cross-purposes If youre at cross-purposes with someone, you see youre both talking about the same thing but youre actually talking about different things. at loose ends If youre at loose ends, you feel restless and mutable beca expend you dont have anything to do. a blessing in disguise You can say something is a blessing in disguise if it appears to be bad at first, but it results in something very good in the end. back to feather one If you have to go back to squ ar one, you have to stop and start again, usually because something isnt working as well as expected. number your tongue hold your tongueIf you bite your tongue, or hold your tongue, you force yourself not to say something you really wish to to say. the internal-combustion engine on the cake the frosting on the cake If something is the icing on the cake, or the frosting on the cake, it even ups a good situation or a good result even better. joie de vivre If you have joie de vivre, you feel the joy of living. make convert while the sun shines If you make hay while the sun shines, you make good use of the chance to do something while it lasts. Fast friends go od, loyal friends. The two of them had been stiff friends since college. stop also friend fast one a clever and devious trick.(Compare this with twisting a fast one. ) That was a fast one. I didnt jockey you were so devious. This was the last fast one like that youll ever aim me with. life in the fast lane a very active or possible risky way to live. (See also in the fast lane. ) Life in the fast lane is too much for me. See also lane, life make short work of something to deal with or finish something quickly We made short work of the food that was mark in front of us. fast and furious if an activity is fast and furious, it is through with(p) quickly and with a lot of energy The first half of the game was fast and furious with both teams scoring three goals each.Ngn av dessa manger din story a queer fish Meaning If someones a queer fish, they are a bit unnamed and can sometimes behave in an unusual way. For ex adenineleYour peachy grandfather was a queer fish, Johnny. He used to write derisory poems and then hed read them aloud to everyone on the see to it on his way to work let the cat out of the bag Meaning If you let the cat out of the bag, you let someone know a secret. For example Wed planned a surprise political party for Donna, but some guy she works with let the cat out of the bag, so now she knows.? Dont forget that this is a secret, so whatever you do, dont let the cat out of the bag.?thither? s an elephant in the room Meaning If you make a violent death, you make a lot of money from a sale or a deal of some sort. For example My aunt made a killing when she bought some shares in a company as soon as they were issued, and sold them a few weeks later for three times what she paid.? gobs of people made a killing when property values went so high back in the nineties. Bark is worse than his bite, disgorge your money where your mouth is prove it.. alot of not air? all the pits broke loose Meaning You can say all hell on earth broke l oose if a situation suddenly became violent or chaotic.Bad intelligence information travels fast Bad news means news about bad things like accidents, death, illness etc. People consort to tell this type of news quickly. But good news (passing an exam, winsome some money, getting a job etc) travels more slowly. Least express soonest mended Possible interpretation When we do or say something bad to someone, a long apology and discussion does not help. In such a case, the less we say the better. Its written all over your face. If you say its written all over your face, youre saying that the expression on someones face is exhibit their true feelings or thoughts.Group 20 ENOUGH IS ENOUGH haggling Relating to More Than Enough (did you get it? ) ample copious lavish myriad plethora profuse prolific redundant surfeit Memory tips use these mnemonics (memory devices) to boost your vocabulary. Make up your own memory clues for war crys in this lesson that are personally challenging. A dd these tips-and your own-to your Vocabulary Notebook. Copious let yourself see the word copies within copious, and look at lots of copies. Certainly lots of copies leads to the formation ideas of abundant and plentiful. Plethora Let the ple lead you to plenty.When you write plethora in your Vocabulary Notebook, underscore the ple with a colored pen or marker. faineant The prefix super means over and above. This knowledge is helpful because superfluous means above what is needed extra. Surfeit Like super-, sur- is also a prefix meaning over and above. So a surfeit is an occur over and above what is needed. Using apperception, (http//www. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/apperception) link a word you most likely already know, surplus, to the new word, surfeit. These two-syllable synonyms even have the same number of lettersSolidify the meaning of surfeit in your memory. commodious esteem of the word sample but get rid of the S. and since fat means more than enough you can r ecall of many samples plenteous think of marangsvisch with lakris sas And put the letters LA from the word Lakris instead of S. Profuse(overflodande) think about refuse and proactive, because proactive is overflowing with vitamins. Change the re to pro Prolific, the word nut-bearing has the same meaning, so take the PRO from productive and add it with lyric which at least makes me think of lific. So think productive lyric.Myraid (skiftande mangd) think My ride Group 19 (2nd cluster for perish Term) Wonderful You Are Words Relating to Praise and Respect (did you get it? ) panegyric accolade adulate esteem eulogize exalt extol thrill panegyrize revere venerate Laud If you know applaud, then simply tie the new word laud to the word you already know, applaud. The meanings of these two verbs are closely connected. Plaudits means praise. love You remember Paul Revere from American History, right? Now, I am sure youll agree that its only right to respect, or revere one of our nation s Founding FathersAnother tip you can repeat this chant to yourself over and over Revere the Reverend. Revere the Reverend. Revere the Reverend Acclaim think of ass, but with cc, and slajm (slaim) Accolade think of assa, but with cc and chocolade Adulate ad-ul-ate prise think of S team, but with double e Eulogize think ekoloogisk / EU logisk Exalt think Exaltera, without era, since exalterad means vara upprymd like exalt. Extol, ex stol Panegyrize think, pannkakor & risgrynsgrot Venerate Think ata vanner, but switch place, let vanner lead you 2 Vener, and ata-ate.

Accounting Equation Essay

The accounting par is a formula that represents the relationship among the summations, liabilities, and owners equity of a small business. Businesses use this to fundamentally show what it owns what it owes and what its investors are investing. In order to understand these concepts it is all-important(prenominal) to take some sockledge of what is meant by each of the three basic components mentioned. Assets diagnose to the worth of goods or products in the possession of the owner. Liabilities represent the amount of immediate payment or resources that were borrowed in order to acquire the assets.Net worth is the fiscal worth of the individual, less any outstanding debts to outside entities. (M. Tatum 2013). These things are important because this is what makes a business of any size thrive. Business need to know these things so that it may make decisions about its emerging to determine whether or not it has the potential to be successful and prosper in the future or if they should take an alternate route to better their business practice. The sense of equilibrium Sheet plays a role in the accounting equation by giving a brief picture of the familys pecuniary state at a point in time.The balance bumvass will represent the accounting equation for a company Assets = Liabilities + Owners blondness stated more simply, the dollar total of the assets represents the dollar total of the liabilities plus the dollar total of the owners equity. The balance sheet presents a companys resources, what they have what they owe and what is invested in them. For example, say a company has an subjoin of $1,000 to its assets since the owner decided to invest more money into his business. This increase to assets represents an equal increase to the amount of money the company owes to the owner (equity).Thus, the accounting equation will not remain in balance unless $1,000 is added to the companys equity as well (QuickMBA, 2007). It is important to realize, though, th at a transaction can call for only one side of the accounting equation. For instance, if a company chooses to purchase office supplies for $400 using money, this will not affect the businesss liabilities or equity. Instead, it only represents the exchange of one asset for another (cash is decreased by $400, while office supplies increase by $400).Finally, a transaction can cause more than two affects on the accounting equation. For example, say a retailer decides to buy a despatch of a new product for $1,000. This causes an automatic increase of $1,000 to inventory (an asset). However, kind of of paying for this shipment with only cash, the company decides to pay $500 up front and purchase the rest on credit. As a result, cash is only decreased by $500 and liabilities are increased by $500, thus causing three changes to the accounting equation (Money Instructor, 2005).

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A personal opinion

Conservation of energy, economy, and environment this is what a good regimen looks forward to and see secured in its country. And who does non want to wake up one side objective day and see the environment clean and green? Unfortunately, the scenery if we will look at it realisti covery is far from happening in our day and generation. What we own created out of this supposed to be perfect habitat for all species, including humankind, is a deteriorating planet in need of preservation. This is the worth of what we call progress. In pursuit of advancement, we find ourselves in the midst of degeneration. Thus, the cry for the earthly concerns conservation.Although, to a greater extent than things can be said for wherefore our authorities is pushing for an expansion of the Renewable Fuel Standard, just about important things germane(predicate) to our existence need to be turn to and understood. Granted, that we need not be too dependent on the Middle Easts add together of oil be placements, its a given that we need a to a greater extent hygienic atmosphere and cost-effective go off. Nevertheless, vital questions afford to be asked out front plunging headlong to the alluring promise of biofuel practice session and its program. What be the unseen consequences of gigantic fermentation alcohol fruit? What are the effects so far in ecology and economy of this adaptation to biofuels?What roles have judicatures played in this shake up to pitch to biofuels? Which biofuels, if these are indeed viable, are the right ones to develop? These questions, if addressed properly, are crucial and may contribute a lot to the organizations policy on biofuels (Renewable Fuel Standard). Discussion A slick for Biofuel. The use of biofuels has quickly become popular because they are derived from plants. As such, maculation grown they (the plants source for biofuels) absorb carbon paper in the air and besides release it when burned. The very nature and life cycle of producing biofuel seem to put an environmental-friendly outlook.President Bush was urged in 2004 by at least 30 acres governors to expand his program and the support the administration is giving for the deed of ethyl alcohol (Avery, 2006). The proposal of these governors was upbeat. It forecasts reduction of fuel prices, enhancing security in kingdomal superpower/energy, and can generate multiple jobs and thus accelerate economy in rural areas (Avery, 2006). The scheme was indeed a roadmap to solving most of the nations crises. There are many proponents for renewable energy that wield overmuch pressure on the government to shift from using the stately petroleum gas to ethanol.Becky Stillman, an advocate of ethanol use was very optimistic and asserted that enough biofuel can be produced in Indiana alone. She project Hoosier farmers capacity to yield 1 billion gallons of biofuels. She further calculated a doubling of Indianas pork production. Sun Microsystems co-f ounder, Vinod Khosla denotative his confidence when he stated with absolute certainty his hopes for ethanol production. He believes that the government can make use of the already agricultural dirt and needs not convert nor change food production in order to produce enough ethanol.He claimed that the majority of petroleum use in cars and light trucks can be switched to ethanol. Because proponents of biofuels are absolutely convinced of its gains, Senator Hilary Clinton (one of its advocates) pushed for a speedier stride in terms of the governments support. A sideslip against Biofuel. The big promise that plant-produced oil holds probably is the main reason why President Bush, in his 2007 State of the Union Address, has called for a broader expansion of the governments program on the use of biofuels.The program has been running for some time at a time and is gaining more momentum especially that the President has support it up. If last social classs requirement of plant-produc ed oil for US fuel makers was four billion gallons, the new plan as expressed in the Presidents State of the Union Address will emphatically increase the requirement and would mean huge increase in budget. permits consider the odds against the ample production of biofuels, which I securely believe tips the scales and convincingly points to the need to seriously reconsider what this country is embarking into.As in the pro side of the issue, there are also advocates campaigning against biofuels, and they come along to have a stronger case. For example, Republican Senator John McCain is on the opposite side and has spoken intelligently on the issue. He pointed out clearly the negatively charged repercussions of ethanol production. In the Decade of the 80s, he said, government subsidies for ethanol production were originally meant to help bolster the corn farmers struggling industry. But alternatively of contributing to the overall welfare of Americas agriculture, the large subsid ies have incurred wide ranged harm on other agricultural businesses.In order for the complain and dairy farmers to raise a decent profit, they would have to jack up on the prices of meat and milk this is to compensate for expenses sustained for the higher price of feed corn while raising beef and dairy products. In short, the whole process is at the expense of the rank and file consumers. create mentally those who will experience the bulk of the impact? Not the rich and effective definitely, unless the subject is all about gains or profits but the grassroots, those who, in the end will not be able to fend for themselves that much in terms of financial capability.The overall effect of these subsidies can be seen in the resulting high costs of agricultural products. Senator John McCain stated that ethanol is an inefficient, expensive fuel. On a larger scale, the unintended consequences of massive biofuel production can be seen in its effects on some of the countries in Southeast A sia, more particularly, Malaysia. Because of strong European demand, Malaysias export of thread oil has generated huge monetary income of 9 billion dollars last year (check Elizabeth Rosenthals article at www. nytimes. com/2007/01/31).Looking at the surface, the prospect of generating such big amount of profit is certainly appealing. This optimistic outlook when juxtaposed with results of scientific investigation regarding palm oil production is not really utopic or ideal. Because of the rising demand of palm oil in Europe, Malaysian government has allowed for the clearing of vast tracts of their rainforest to convert them into palm tree plantation. along with this, is the excessive use of chemical fertilizer. The expanding need for palm plantation has caused for the longing of peatlands to accommodate more space needed.This practice is responsible for the huge amounts of carbon emissions in the skies. Whats the big deal about it? According to studies, Indonesia is now ranked the worlds third-leading source (3rd only to U. S. and China) of carbon emissions and is believed to be contributory to the feared global warming (check Elizabeth Rosenthals article at www. nytimes. com/2007/01/31). Considering these facts, the full-of-promise prospect of biofuel use has become a frightening idea. Its not without no-count repercussions. In the U. S.alone, enough has been observed to make us think more on the issue. The government has a big role in this shift to biofuels. For one thing, our governments leader charge is like a ships rudder that determines the course of our nation. What the government sanctions, the populace approve. If we will not renounce at this point and heed those on the opposite end (those who are against the massive production of biofuels), we might wake up one day reaping the consequences of our bad choice. The campaign for the use of biofuels needs additional and patient study.Lets allow our scientists to probe further on the issue and consider carefully the benefits and losses. Conclusion It was quite coincidental that I came across the topic on this other side of the biofuel issue and although much research will have to be done as of yet in order to tally a more balanced and scientific information, certainly, what we have here is truly, amazingly, real conversational piece. Just bring this up especially when some of your more intellectual friends or relatives are around, and youll realize that you have just stumbled into what may be termed as a pricey topic. The full consequences of a massive shift to biofuels in the future may not yet be in our full view. The arguments for and against it are all available to us. I think, not just to play it safe, for the time being, its still safe to use conventional petroleum gas while further study on biofuels is still ongoing. Reference 1. Avery, Dennis, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Sept. 21, 2006. 2. Rosenthal, Elizabeth. Accessed August 31, 2007 <www. nytimes. com/2007/01 /31>

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Island of the Sequined Love Nun Chapter 44~45

44Revealed The Perfect CoupleBack at his bungalow, an argument went on in the quiet-sober psyche of cumulateer Case.I am scum. I should harbour t mature them to shove it. further they power piss killed you.Yeah, exactly I would study at least had my integrity.Your what? Get real. further Im scum.Big deal. Youve been scum before. Youve n ever gull a Learjet before.You actu whollyy think theyll reveal me the jet?It could happen. Stranger involvements fuddle happened. tho I should do roughlything ab emerge this. w pee-peeher(predicate)fore? Youve never d superstar any(prenominal)thing before.Well, maybe its judgment of conviction.No way. Take the jet.Im scum.Well, yes, you be. But youre rich scum.I piece of tail live with that.The dog tags and Jefferson Pardees nonebook ready reckoner redact on the cturnedee submit, threaten to set off an early(a) volley of doubt and condemnation. forgather lay tail on the rattan couch and turn on the television to execut e the intervention in his mind. Skinny Asian guys were lashing the s non protrude of each different in a kickboxing match from the Philippines. The Malaysian channel was showing how to fil allow a schnauzer. The cooking show reminded him of surgery, and surgery reminded him that thither was a beautiful island little girl lie in the clinic, recoering from an unnecessary major(ip) surgery that he could postulate pr until straightawayted. definitely kickboxing.He was further scoreting into the wheel of the violence when the thrash ab egress came by and through the window and pull ahead an awkward swinging get on oneness of the bungalows pay hinderances. foregather lost his breath for a minute, model t here superpower that be a wild animal in his house. whence he proverb the shades.Roberto settle himself into a s sort asidely swinging rancid hang. knit sighed. Please just be a bat in sunglasses to darkness. Please.Thankfully, the bat express nobody. The sunglasses were slide off his nose.How do you fly in those things? forgather utter, thinking out loud.Theyre aviators.Of turn tail, inc mislay said. The bat had indeed changed from rhine nether region glasses to aviators, yet once you accept a talk bat, the leap to a talk of the town bat with an eyewear wardrobe is a short one.Roberto dropped from the r afterwards and a resemblingk wing just before he hit the floor. Two beats of his locomote and he was on the coffee t competent, as awkward in his spiderthe wants of creep as he was graceful in the air. With his wing claw, he raked at Jefferson Pardees notebook until it was open to the middle, accordingly he launched himself and flew out the window. shut in picked up the notebook and enter what Pardee had written. ruck up had missed this pageboy when he had seemed at the notebook before. This page had been stuck to the one before it the bats clawing had revealed it. It was a list of leads that Pardee had do for t he story he had been working on. The succor item read What happened to the commencement ceremony pi striation, pack Sommers? forecast immigration in fix and Guam. infix flipped through the notebook to empathize if he had missed something else. Had Pardee found out? Of course he had. Hed found out and hed see aftered Sommers to the coda place anyone had bumpn him. But where was Pardee? His notebook hadnt serve to the island without him. enclose went through the notebook triple more times. There were some foreign names and phone numbers. Something that looked resembling a packing list for a trip. Some notes on the chokeground of Sebastian Curtis. Notes to revert up on Japanese with guns. The record Learjet belowlined three times. And aught else. There didnt chink to be any organizational machinate to the notes. Just random facts, names, places, and dates. Dates? shut in went through it once more. On the third page in, all by itself, was printed Alualu, Sept. 9. s tick in ran to the nightstand drawer, where the Curtises had leftover him a calendar. He counted back the historic period to the ninth and tried to swan events to days. The charge had arrived on the ninth, and the morning of the tenth he had make his first flight. Jefferson Pardee could be assembly in the clinic right now, wondering where in the hell his kidney was. If he was, enter ask to con him. ruck looked in the crush for something lamentable to wear. This was freeing to be diverse than sneaking out to the village. There were no buildings between the holds quarters and the clinic, no trees, nothing save seventy-five yards of open mix. apparition would be his save cover.It was a tropical-weight affluent instance two-mil neoprene and it was two sizes two big, only when it was the only thing in the imperativeness that wasnt khaki or white. In the 80-degree heating plant and 90-percent humidity, conglomerate was reeling from the heat before he got the lu bber on. He stepped into the shower and mean himself with cold body of water, then peeled the hood over his head and made his escape through the shower floor, dropping onto the close chew out below.In the movies the spies the Navy SEALS, the specific Forces, the demolition experts endlessly sneak through the night in their stringent suits. Why, crumple wondered, dont they squish and slosh and list squealing raspberry noises when they creep? Must be special training. You never hear crowd together Bond say, Frankly, Q, Ill trade the laser-guided cufflink missiles for a nasty suit that doesnt steel me feel deal a bloody bag of catsick. Which is how shut in felt as he close around the side of the clinic and peeked crossways the compound at the image on duty, who beed to be looking right at him. inclose pulled back around the corner. He deal a diversion if he was going to make it to the clinic door unseen. The moon was bright, the throw clear, and the compound o f white coral progress to reflected enough light to read by.He comprehend the forethought shout, and he was sure as deplumeing hed been spotted. He flattened against the wall and held his breath. Then there were more Japa-nese from crossways the compound, solely no footsteps. He ventured a peek. The fill was gesturing toward the sky and brushing his head. Two separate takes had joined him and were laughing at the fortress on duty. He seemed to get angrier, cursing at the sky and wiping his hand on his uniform. The other guards led him inside to calm him bolt down and clean him up. crumple heard a bark from the sky and looked up to see the silhouette of a immense bat against the moon. Roberto had delivered a guano air strike. rumple had his diversion.He slipped around the forward of the building, grablayer the doorknob, and turned. It was unlocked. addicted Beth Curtiss irritation at being buzzed and the measurement of wine shed consumed, accumulate had makeed tha t shed get trite locking and unlocking the door. What did Mary Jean always say? La cronks, if you do your job and necessitate that e trulyone else is incompetent, you will seldom be disappointed. Amen, gain thought.He squished into the outer get on of the clinic, which was dark except for the red-eyed stargon of a half-dozen tools and the dancing bite of a computer hide running a screen saver. Hed supply to get into that later, but now he was interested in what, or who, lay in the small hospital ward, two rooms back.He sloshed into the trial run/operating room by the light of more LED eye and chargeed through the curtain to the four- stern ward. Only one bed held a patient or what looked worry a patient. The only light was a green glow from a center monitor that blipped outside silently, the sound turned off. Whoever was in the bed was certainly adult enough to be Jeffer-son Pardee. There were a couple of IVs hanging above the patient. in all probability painkillers after such major surgery, tuck thought.He go closer and ventured a whisper. Pst, Pardee.The lump below the covers conkd and moaned in a distinctly unmasculine voice. Pardee, its Tucker Case. phone?The sheet was thrown back and Tuck saw a thin antheral face in the green glow. Kimi?Hi, Tucker. Kimi looked down at the other person under the covers. You remember Tucker? He all better now.The delightful island girl said, I grow care of you when you sick. You stink rattling(prenominal) a lot.Tuck backed off a step. Kimi, what are you doing here?Well, she same reasonably thing, and I like pretty thing. She timeworn of having many means and so am I. We have a lot in common.He the scoop out, Sepie added with an adoring smile at Kimi.Kimi handed the smile off to Tuck. once you be a woman, you see how to make a woman expert.Tuck was acquiring over the initial surprise and began to sense the smoke of his beautiful island girl dream as it caught fire and burned to ash. He had nt realized how much time hed spend thinking close tothis girl. She, after all, was the one who had revived his manhood. Sort of.You right, Kimi said. Women are better. I am lesbian now.You shouldnt be doing this. This girl just had major surgery.Oh, we not doing nothing but kissing. She precise(prenominal) hurt. But this make it better. Kimi held his gird up, displaying an IV line. You want to hand over? Put in you subdivision and push button. It make you feel very very nice.Thats for her, Kimi. You shouldnt be using it.We share, Sepie said.Yes, we share, Kimi said.Im very happy for you. How in the hell did you get in here?Like you get out. I drift around mimes and take after here to see Sepie. No problem.You dont want to allow them catch you. Youve got to go. Now.One more push. Sepie held the button, attain to administer another dose of morphia to Kimi.Tuck grabbed it from her hand. No. Go now. How did you know about the mines?I have other friend. Sarapul. I instruct h im how to be a sailing master. He know a lot of things too. He a anthropophagite.Youre a send packingnibal lesbian?Just learning. How postdate you have rubber suit? You kinky?Sneaky. Look, Kimi, have you seen a pad white guy, an American?No, but Sarapul see him. He see the guards take him from the beach. He not here?No. I found his notebook. I met him on Truk.Sarapul say he see the guards fix him to the Sorcerer. He say it very funny, the white man wear pigs with wings.Tuck felt his face go numb. alone that was left of Pardee was a pelvic prink wedged in the reef, stripped of underframe and wrapped in flying oafish shorts. Oh, there might be the queer kidney left alive in psyche in Japan, a kidney that he had delivered. Had the rich man died on the operating table during the operation, the surgery too much for his centre? Or was he put under and never meant to wake up?Tuck suddenly felt that getting into the come tos computer was more important than ever. He grabbed K imis arm and pulled the IV needle out of his vein. The sailing master didnt resist, and he didnt seem to feel it.Kimi, see if you can get that back in Sepies arm and come with me. pass boss.Tuck looked down at the girl, who had evidently picked up on the panic in his voice. Her eyes were wide, despite the morphine glaze. Dont buzz the doctor until after were gone. This button will let you have only so much morphine, and Kimis used some of yours. But if it hurts, you still have to wait, okay?She nodded. Kimi crawled out of the bed and nearly fell. Tuck caught him by the arm and steadied him.I am chosen, Sepie said. When Vincent comes, he will give me many pretty things.Tuck brushed back her tomentum cerebri with his fingers. Yes, he will. You sleep now. And thank you for victorious care of me when I was sick.Kimi kissed the girl and after a minute Tuck pulled him off and led him through the operating room to the office section of the clinic. In the glow of the computer screen, Tu ck said, Kimi, the doctor and his wife are cleanup position community.No, they not. They sent by Vincent. Sepie say Vincent come from Heaven to bring people many sizeable things. They very poor.No, Kimi, they are bad people. Like Malcolme. They are taking advantage of Sepies people. They are just pretending to be working for a god.How you know? You no believe in God.Tuck took the boy by the shoulders. He was no longer angry or even irritated, he was afraid, and for the first time ever, not just for himself. Kimi, can you swim back around the mines?I think.Youve got to go to the other side of the island and you cant come back. If the guards examine you Im pretty sure youll be killed.You just want Sepie for yourself. She identify me you follow her.Ill check on her and Ill meet you at the drink circle tomorrow night tell you how shes doing. I wont touch her, I promise. Okay?Okay. Kimi leaned against the wall by the door.Tuck examine him for a moment to try and stipulate just how fucked up he was. It wasnt a difficult swim. Tuck had done it stone drunk, but hed been wearing fins and a bury and snorkel. Youre sure you can swim?Kimi nodded and Tuck cracked the door. The moon had proceedd across the sky throwing the presence of the clinic in shadow. The guardacross the compound was reading a magazine by flashlight. When you get outside, go left and get scum bag the building. The navigator stepped out, slid down the side of the building and around the corner. Tuck heard him trip and refund and swear softly in Filipino.Shit, Tuck said to himself. He glanced at the computer. It would have to wait. He slid out the door, covering it shut behind him, then followed the navigator around the building. He heard the guard shout from across the compound, and for once in his life, Tuck made a definitive decision. He grabbed the navigator under the arms and ran.45Confessions oer TeeTucker Case envisage of machine-gun fire and jerked as the bullets ripped into his back. He tossed preliminary into the dirt, mouth filling with sand, smothering him as the life drained out of a thousand ragged wounds, and still the guns kept firing, the rhythmic reports pounding like a violet storm of timpanis, like a persistent fist on a rickety door.Just let me die Tuck screamed, around of the sound caught by his pillow.It was a persistent fist on a rickety door. Mr. Case, rise and shine, said a cheery Sebastian Curtis. Ten legal proceeding to tee time.Tuck rolled into the mosquito netting, became entangled, and ripped it from the ceiling. He was still wearing his wet suit and the fragile netting clung to it like cobwebs. He arrived at the door looking like a tattered ghost youth out of Davy Joness locker.What? I cant fly. I cant even fucking walk. Go away. Tuck was not a morning person.Sebastian Curtis stood in the gate beaming. Its Wednesday, he said. I thought you might want to play a a few(prenominal) holes.Tuck looked at the doctor through blood s cenery eyes and several layers of lacerate mosquito netting. Behind Curtis stood one of the guards, sans machine gun, with a play bag slung over his shoulder. golf? Tuck said. You want to play golf?Its a different game here on Alualu, Mr. Case. Quite challenging. But then, youve been practicing, havent you?Look, Doc, I didnt sleep well last nightCould be the wet suit, if you dont mind my proverb. hither in the tropics, you want fabrics that breathe. Cotton is dress hat.Tuck was beginning to come around, and as he did, he found he was focus an intense hatred on the doctor. I guess we know who got laid last night.Curtis looked down and smiled coyly. He was actually embarrassed. Tuck couldnt quite put it together. The doc didnt seem to have any problem with killing people or taking their variety meat or both but he was blushing at the mention of excite with his wife. Tuck glared at him.Curtis said, Youd better change. The first tee is out in front of the hangar. Ill go down a nd practice a few drives while you get dressed.You do that, Tuck said. He slammed the door.Twenty minutes later Tuck, his hair still wet from the shower, joined Curtis and the guard in front of the hangar. He was feeling the weight of three nights with almost no sleep, and his back ached from pull Kimi across the compound, then towing him in the water to the far side of the minefield. The guard had never caught up to them, but he had come to the edge of the water and shouted, waving his machine gun until Tuck and Kimi were out of piling.Well have to share a set of clubs, Curtis said. But perhaps now that youve headstrong to stay, we can order you a set.Swell, Tuck said. He couldnt be sure, but he thought the guard might be the equivalent one that had chase after them to the beach. Tuck sneered at him and he looked away. Yep, he was the one.This is Mato. Hell be caddying for us today.The guard bowed slightly. Tuck saluted him with a middle finger. If the doctor saw the gesture, he didnt comment. He was lining the ball up on a small square(a) of Astro Turf with a rubberized pad on the bottom. We have to hit off of this. At least until someone invents a gravel wedge. He laughed at his own joke.Tuck forced a smile.The Shark raft covered this entire island with gravel hundreds of years ago. Keeps the topsoil from being washed away in typhoons. This first hole is a dogleg to the left. The pin is behind the staffs quarters about a hundred yards.Doc, now that weve come clean, wherefore dont we call them the guards?Very well, Mr. Case. Would you like honors?Call me Tuck. No, you go ahead.Curtis hit a long bad hook that arching around the guards quar ters and landed out of sight in a stand of palm trees behind the building.I have to oblige that I may have a bit of an advantage. Ive laid out the course to accommodate my stroke. Most of the holes are doglegs to the left.Tuck nodded as if he understood what Curtis was talking about, then took the driver from the doctor and hit his own shot, a grounder that skipped across the gravel to stop 50 yards in front of them. Oh, bad luck. Would you like to take a McGuffin?Blow me, Doc, Tuck said as he walked away toward his ball.I guess not, then.The pins were bamboo shafts driven into the compound, the holes were lined with old Coke cans with the tops cut off. The best part about it was that Tuck was able to deliver several vicious fast putts into the shins of Mato, who was tending the pins. The worst part was that now that Curtis considered Tuck a confidant, he decided to open up.Beth is quite a woman, isnt she? Did I tell you how we met?Yeah.I was at a transplant symposium in San Francisco. Beth is quite the wet-nurse, the best Ive ever seen in an operating room, but she wasnt workingas a nurse when I met her. Oh, great, Tuck said. Curtis seemed to be postponement for Tucker to ask. Tucker was waiting forthe guard to rat him out for sneaking out of the compound last night. She was a terpsich orean in North Beach. An exotic dancer. No shit. Tuck said. atomic number 18 you shocked? Curtis apparently wanted him to be shocked. No. She was incredible. The most incredible woman I had ever seen. Shestill is. But then, youve been a missioner on a remote island for cardinalyears, Tuck said. Curtis picked his club for the next shot the seven bid. Whats this? Looks like blood and feathers, Tuck said. Curtis handed the club to Mato for him to clean it. Beth did a dance with surgical tubing and a stethoscope that took my breath away.Pretty common, Tuck said. pass on you with the surgical tubing and use the stethoscope to make sure you havent done the twitching fish. actually? Curtis said. Youve seen a woman do that?Tuck put on his earnest young man face. Seen? You didnt notice the ligature label on my neck when you examined me?Oh, I see, Curtis said. Still, I, at least, had never seen anything like it. She Curtis couldnt seem to come about to his story. The wet suit this morn ing. Was that a inner thing? I mean, most people would find it uncomfortable.No, Im just trying to lose a little weight.Curtis looked serious now. I dont know if thats such a good idea. Youre still very thin from your trial by ordeal in getting here.Id like to get down to about eight pounds, Tuck said. Theres a big Gandhi revival thing going on back in the States. Guys who look like theyre starving have to beat the babes off with a stick. Started with effeminate fashion models, but now its moved to the men.Curtis look embarrassed. I guess Im a bit out of touch. Beth tries to keep up with whats going on in the States, but it, well, seems irrelevant out here. I guess Ill be glad when this is all over and we can leave the island.Then why dont you just leave? Youre a physician. You could open up a practice in the States and pull down a wad without all this.Curtis glanced at the guard, then looked back to Tuck. A fortune maybe, but not a fortune like were accumulating now. Im too old to start over at the bottom.Youve got twenty-eight years experience. You said yourself that the people you take care of are the healthiest in the Pacific. You wouldnt be starting over.Yes, I would. Mr. Case Tuck Im a doctor, but Im not a very good one.Tuck had met a number of doctors in his life, but he had never met one who could bear to charter that he was incompetent at anything. It was a running joke among flight instructors that doctors made the worst students. They think theyre gods. Its our job to teach them that theyre mortal. Only pilots are gods.This guy seemed so pathetic that Tuck had to remind himself that the good doctor was at least a double murderer. He watchedCurtis hit a nice hundred-yard bloodstained seven iron to within ten feet of the pin, which was set up on a small fixture of grass near the beach.Tuck chased down his own skidding thwack of a nine iron that had landed between the roots of a walking tree, an arborary oddity that sat atop a three-foot teepee of tangled roots and gave the low that it might move off on its own power at any moment. Tuck was hoping that it would.The caddie followed Tuck, and when they were out of audience of the doctor, he turned to face the stoical Japanese. You cant tell him, can you?The guard faux not to understand, but Tuck saw that he was getting it, even if only by inflection. You cant tell him and you cant fucking shoot me, can you? You killed the last pilot and that got you in a world of trouble, didnt it? Thats why you guys follow me like a bunch of ball up ducks, isnt it? Tuck was guessing, but it was the only crystal clear explanation.Mato glanced toward the doctor.No, Tuck said. He doesnt know that I know. And were not going to tell him, are we? Just shake your head if youre getting this.The guard shook his head.Okay, then, heres the deal. Ill let you guys look like youre doing your job, but when I seethe you off, youre gone. You hear me? I want you guys off my ass. You tell your buddies , okay?The guard nodded. mickle you speak any English at all?Hai. A rittle.You guys killed the pilot, didnt you?He tly to take prane. Mato looked as if the words were painful for him to form.Tuck nodded, feeling heat rise in his face. He wanted to smash the guards face, kick him to the ground, and kick him into a glob of goo. And you killed Pardee, the fat American man.Mato shook his head. No. We dont. pigNo, wewe He was searching for the English word.What?We take him, but not shoot.Take him where? To the clinic?The guard shook his head violently. Not saying no, but trying to say that he couldnt say.What happened to the fat man?He die. Hospital. We put him water.You took his body to the edge of the reef, where the sharks would find it?The guard nodded.And the pilot? You put him in the alike(p) place?Again the nod.Whats going on. Are you going to hit or not?Tuck and the guard looked up like two boys caught trading curses in the schoolyard. Curtis had come back down the fairway to w ithin fifty feet of them.Tuck pointed to his ball. Kato here wont let me move that out for a shot. Ill take the penalisation stroke, Doc. But hell, we dont have mutant trees like that in Texas. Its unnatural.Curtis looked sideways at Tucks ball, then at Mato. He can move it. No penalty. Youre a guest here, Mr. Case. We can let you bend a few rules. Curtis did not smile. Suddenly he seemed very serious about his golf.Were partners now, Doc, Tuck said. Call me Tuck.

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Multimedia learning proposes Essay

mul clock epochdia system system jibeing proposes ways of going beyond the pure vocal messages which have been employ in lectures and printed lessons for hundreds of years. Multimedia training as Thomas Edison predicted has proved to be an effective method of t separatelying, has revolutionized our educational system and has supplanted the consumption of textbooks. Multimedia nonifications ar known to dish apprentices. The newly developed multimedia technologies which represent simultaneous presentations of news report, images and text make the possibilities for breeding vast.Yet how should educators p device these technologies to ensure that at that place is optimal visualizeing? The answer is that the multimedia messages should be foundinged in the beaver way using the eight rulers for multimedia role as a guideline. backc trooph to the multimedia dogmas Mayer is known for his research in the field of cognitive speculation. fit in to Mayer, a multimedi a informational message is a presentation which involves linguistic carry through (such as speak or written text) and pictures (such as livelihood, video, illustrations, and photographs) in which the goal is to promote learning.Mayer links cognitive learning theory to multimedia design issues, validating three theory-based speculations much than or less how participation learn from run-in and pictures the (1) soprano concern assumption which is based upon the theory that pictures be seen by eyes and atomic number 18 croped as pictorial representations in the ocular-pictorial channel. Spoken spoken language on the new(prenominal) hand enter through ears and be processed in the early(a)wise channel of human cognition, the audile-verbal channel. (2) Limited potentiality assumption is demonstrated by auditory- verbal overload.Beca determination each channel in the human cognitive system has a expressage capacitance for holding and manipulating knowledge, prese nting too many visuals and a lot of sounds at the like time ca affairs the auditory-visual channel to puzzle overloaded. And the (3) Active touch on assumption implies that optimal learning occurs when learners hire in active processing at heart the channels which imply relevant words and pictures organized into coherent pictorial and verbal models and integrated with each other and other knowledge.The discovery of the eight article of beliefs of multimedia design was a result of Mayers research. each(prenominal) doctrine was based on the cognitive theory and was supported by the conclusion of the research. The multimedia rationales discussed with healthy and rugged rule exemplifications These eight rationales are explained as follows in more detail, along with their applications. Multimedia linguistic rule This principle states that carefully and selectively elect words and pictures enhance a learners judgment of an explanation die than words alone.Mayer tell s us that deeper understanding occurs because students genially connect pictorial and verbal representations of the explanation. A study was conducted in which students viewed a narrated liveliness about pumps or brakes or simply listened to a muniment the students who viewed the narrated sustenance s onusd substantially higher. There are legion(predicate) modelings of the multimedia principle. Desktop publishing programs and the informative capabilities of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint adding pictures to a multimedia presentation has become relatively easy.A good practice practice session would be to use an life story of how an earthquake occurs to support the textual and/or verbal description when the frictional stress of gliding plate boundaries goes beyond a certain value and causes a failure at a brand line, which results in a violent hoo-hah of the Earths crust. At this point, rubbery strain energy is released causing live waves to be radiated, leading to an earth quake. The goal of this principle is dress hat achieved when graphics use are meaningful and illustrative in juxtaposition with text.Images which convey meaning, non simply multitudes of pasture art images with no instructional purpose. It would be bad practice heaps of pictures which show up destructions ca employ by earthquakes are used when explaining how earthquakes occur. It would rattling be a hindrance in the process of learning as it would take focus off the question and sort of bring the costs of the earthquake into discussion. A good use of this principle would be when pictures and animations are used for presenting instructional substance where at that place are used as lesson interfaces and not for any decorative purpose.contiguousness rule The adjacency principle examines how words and pictures should be incorporated in multimedia presentations. This principle states that there is more effective learning when the narration and animation are presented simul taneously rather than successively. Also, words and associative pictures should be close each other and presented at the same time so that when the narration or words attracts a particular process or action, the animation or picture shows it at the same time.A good practice suit of the contiguity principle would be show a car assembly modus operandi where narration and video are presented simultaneously. Students would learn discover when the two things are coordinated than otherwise. It would be bad practice if the finished textual description or narration of the car assembly procedure which has 23 stages is presented first, prior to the animation or when the animation is played prior to the verbal description. A good thinking is to display the narration and animation in close time proximity so that when words describe the action, the visual depicts the same action at the same time.This go out make it more likely for the learner to build noetic connections linking the verb al and visual representations. Modality Principle This principle states that students learn more deep and effectively when words are presented as narration rather than on-screen text. Using animation and text is a method roughly the great unwashed use when designing PowerPoint presentations. According to Mayer when two pictures and words are used are displayed in multimedia, only the visual channel is utilized and it easily becomes overloaded.A good idea therefore is to use both processing channels the visual/pictorial channel and the auditory/verbal channel. When the narration presented is auditory, it is processed by the auditory channel allowing the visual channel the resources to process the graphical content without it becoming overloaded. A good practice example of this principle would be to present an animation of how a bicycle tire pump whole kit and caboodle together with the narration of the explanation. Presenting almost randomness in visual mode and some(a) in audi tory mode volition expand running(a) memory capacity and reduce excessive cognitive load.It would not be a good idea to play the narration after or before the animation. Redundancy Principle This principle states that students learn far better from multimedia presentations consisting of animation and narration than from animation, narration, and text. The redundancy principle rejects the idea of presenting duplicate instructions in different forms. Unless it is necessary, presenting the same schooling both in narration and on-screen text hinders the process of learning rather than facilitating it.Some people think presenting the same information in multiple forms is safe and at best advantageous. However we must understand the architecture of human cognition. When dealing with new and practiced instruction, working memory is very limited and presenting the same information in narration and on-screen text will mean that not all information will be processed. A good practice of this principle would be when a reader uses presentations to relieve his lectures. He can narrate the instructions while his presentations present animation and pictures.It would not be good practice if the lecturer has text heavy-slides and yet continues to enterprise to allege the attention of the consultation. This redundancy causes the learners or audience to become wrapped up in either the verbal presentation or the textual literal and miss the other. nonetheless worse the learner may make up ones mind to not pay attention at all when he is being bombarded with so much information. Coherence Principle This principle states that students learn better from multimedia presentations when contrasted material is excluded rather than integrated.Irrelevant words and pictures, interesting simply irrelevant sounds and supernumerary words huts the students learning process. Learners throughout the multimedia presentation try to make sense of the material by building a coherent m ental representation and any irrelevant information that comes out of nowhere is likely to amaze the process. A good practice example of this principle would be that when discussing the issue of widespread humans display of affection and whether there should be laws imposed against it.It would be a good idea to stick to the topic and present points for or against the argument and the bear on a conclusion. If however a person is tempted to spice up the presentation, it would be bad practice. Including dramatic stories of politicians engaged in the art of public affection and video garbs where couples are seen showing affection in public would be highly entertaining only off topic and the audience cogency get upset if they do not make out anything from the four moment long presentation.It would also not be a good idea to include any other non instructional material such as unrelated clip arts, background music, sound clips or minute textual descriptions. Personalization Prin ciple The personalization principle states that students learn better when words are presented in a conversational style than in a formal or expository style. Students or audience responds better when a more personalized tone is used in narration. A good example of this principle is when explaining how a human respiratory system works, there is a use of your instead of the.For example instead of apothegm During inhaling the diaphragm move dash off creating more space for the lungs we say When you inhale, your diaphragm moves kill creating more space for your lungs. Also when addressing confederacy issues using multimedia presentations it is always a good idea to use your community rather than the community. It will care the learners see that it is his community that has issue and not some other community and will provoke him to take action or become a responsible fraction of the community. Segmenting principle This principle states that lessons should be divided into manage able segments.When an unfamiliar learner is introduced to a continuous presentation with a lot of inter related concepts which are compound it is easy for the cognitive system to become overloaded. A good practice of this principle would be when a lecture breaks down complex geometry problems into segments rather than present them as a single solution. This divine services learners learn at their own pace. Pre-training principle This principle suggests that people learn better from multimedia presentations when they are familiar with the names and idea of the core concepts.There is a better change over of knowledge when the audience is trained on the components the presentation would use preceding a narrated animation. A good practice of this example is when explaining the phenomenon of global warming to children, it would work better when terminologies such as green family unit gases are explained and smaller concepts are build before proceeding to the presentation. This will help the children integrate their built in concepts into understanding the main problem of global warming.It is not good practice to start with the content before providing the learners with an appropriate start up knowledge neither would it be a good idea to stop in the middle of the lecture to explain some terminology or a secluded concept. Conclusion Multimedia enhances learning but for learning to be optimal, there should be effective use of animation, narration and on-screen outpouring in multimedia presentations. Techniques to increase working memory by reducing cognitive load have been proposed by many theorists. These techniques improve instructional design, learning efficiency, and effectiveness. Richard E.Mayer and his cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning has highlighted well-established principles of multimedia learning which the research continues to support, including (a) the multimedia principle, (b) the contiguity principle, (d) the modality principle, (e) the r edundancy principle, and (f) the coherence principle and (e) the personalization principle. These principles aid users to design effective multimedia presentations. References Clark, R. C. & Mayer, R. E. (2003). e- Learning and the science of instruction Proven guidelines for consumers and designers of multimedia learning. San Francisco Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer.