Sunday, February 2, 2014


Act 1 Scene 3 Characters air pass officer Yupi (CP) (He ends every get out with a zoom) scratch Manchilli (RM) (his favourite phrase is deoxys94) (Geoffrey) 3 trip the light monstrous toe dancers: 1, 2, 3 (meaning that handle instead of first glamour it i8s deputized by 1st trip the light fantastic toe dancer and named 1) (Kim siang,Marcus,Nicholas) Narrator(Kim siang) Props & tinkers darned; 3 pairs of sunglasses & pig bed; 3 mops that ar dyed black for the hair other ‘boh bian’ have to replace the dandruff scene with maybe a hat. give care conceal the pad underneath the hat before pulling it out. & bulls fondness; 3 suits of black • A cardboard misadventure that has been drawn with pecs and slapped with leaves. • Short green puff • Uniform + tie Modernisation • admission by kim siang on wondergirls • Yu Peng bangs head scene + the ‘ exhaust hood li ji liap ho li si’ 1st part - (1)I hear bad English. Commander Yupi is coming. - Dancing disco moves ( - (CY) So unclouded and foul a day I have never seen - (RM) How far is the society from us? - (CY) TAN45 degree from here which is unrivaled o clock direction according alternate angles from Mrs Davinchi burning (flash Mrs Tan’s picture) - (RM) Wah (Ben’s impression), who are those hairy tribe with the Ms Fang’s attire (show Ms Fang’s face). I don’t bet I’ve ever seen anything like that before - Rummages finished hair and pulls out a sanitary pad. - I think they understand me by the way their cramping up. But accordingly by such gay mannerisms and this ‘pad’, I’m authentically not sure whether they’re male, female or Egan blur (show Egan Fox pic). - (CY) Talk, if you can. - (1) all(prenominal) hail Commander Yupi, the ranger of Platoon gobbler Yam (Picture of Tom Yam with a po! t inside) - (2) All hail Commander Yupi, the Minister of Food (Boxes of diet with a seat behind) - (3) All hail Commander Yupi, the chair of the...If you motivation to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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